Aiman came from Kazakhstan to visit her sister who lived in Savannah Georgia. The girls were celebrating their birthday and happened into a night club where Butch was Gigging. The two met, talked music and life, while enjoying each other’s company. Love was in the air! After a few months of Romance the couple became engaged to be married. The Beautiful Aiman soon had to return to Kazakhstan as her Visa ended. Butch and Aiman’s sister worked hard in preparing for a Fiancé Visa. The Visa was approved by the U.S.C.I.S. After a long eight month departure, Aiman returned to Butch. The couple then married and began sharing their Love for each other, and music, together! Romantic Huh?


Percussion is played by Butch. Butch is not as pretty as Aiman, but holds his own. Born and raised in Georgia (U.S.A), he got a very early start in music. Forming groups with relatives and friends, playing birthday parties, school recesses and assemblies, Easter egg hunts, family reunions, any place people had to listen! As a freshman in high school, Butch’s band “Jorja” recorded a single that became a major regional hit! Butch played his way thru college and toured nationally and internationally with his band “Positions,” as well as other groups. Butch is a collector of vintage drums and a drum builder and designer. Butch uses his popular “Hobo Drum Kit” he designed and built himself for FSO.


The Beautiful Aiman plays violin! She was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan (a former state of the U.S.S.R). Aiman attended violin conservatory from four until twenty four years of age. After conservatory, she earned first chair violin position with the Almaty National Symphony Orchestra where she toured the world several times. Aiman was very popular throughout her country and played for the President of Kazakhstan, a very cool honor! (She’s a Rockstar in her home country!)