"We are always looking for new local and regional talent for our River Street Festivals. Free Spirits Orchestra definitely hit the mark! We loved having them perform during our 4th of July festival in Morrell Park! Their ability to perform songs from all genres and add a clean, classical twist makes for the perfect relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend them for parties, receptions, and events!  We hope to have them back down on River Street for future events."  

Victoria Smith, Executive Director

 Savannah Waterfront Association 

"FreeSpirits performed live and were interviewed on my weekly "Sister Sound" radio show. When Freespirits land, they wrap around like a virtuosic spell of melody, passion, and skill. Classically trained, twin sisters Sholpan and Aiman Beybitbaeva make their violins soar from soft, classical passages to out-loud, wailing Led Zeppelin leads. Percussionist and arranger, Butch Braddy flows right along, flying with innovative rhythm and dynamics. Freespirits work their magic by re-interpreting familiar songs from Vivaldi to Radiohead and then perform them in a way that leaves the listener goose-fleshed and speechless. Inspiring, visceral. Freespirits, is sonic liberation and a Savannah must-see."
Josephine Johnson, The Sister Sound Show

WRUU Radio 107.5 Savannah, GA

"My husband, Matt and I were married 5.25.18 under the oak tree at Red Gate Farms. I couldn’t imagine our wedding day without Butch, Aimen and Sholpan! Having violins during the ceremony was not just a classic southern charm, but it added so much uniqueness to our wedding ceremony! They played fun, beautiful tunes as guests were arriving and seating and many loved guessing the songs! During the ceremony they played a rendition of Bruno Mars and then Train "Marry Me" ( as we requested ) when I walked down the aisle. They also played "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" as our wedding party was introduced to the reception which was fun and very applicable since my family is from NY! I can’t say enough great things about FreeSpirits! Such wonderful people and they went out of their way to make sure our day was special!"
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, 
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Bean

"I'm sorry I was out of town for FreeSpirits first performance at World Of Beer! I have received nothing but positive reviews on ya'll from everyone on social media, bar staff, and customers!! Thank y'all so much! I will be putting you guys into a regular booking rotation!!!"

Phillip Crump, General Manager

World Of Beer, Savannah, GA

 “FreeSpirits is an exceptional musical group with a one of a kind performance. They have a matchless style and energy , with a blend of music from all genres delivered in a way that leaves you in awe. Songs performed so well, many individuals had tears in their eyes from the passion and personal touch with the music.  If making a huge impression while enjoying great music is something you’re looking for then you have to book “FreeSpirits”. I highly recommend them and will be using them again and again for our functions"

-Brandon M. Wynn

CTW Deli Provisions, Inc 

Savannah, GA

"Free Spirits played at our Savannah Wedding Vendor’s Bridal Expo and blew us away! Their sound was amazing but their presentation and energy made everyone want to sing along and dance!  So many times they played a song that I could NEVER imagine their instruments could play. I'm an 80's fan and  "Take On Me" started coming out of those electric violins with the vigor and pizazz like I've never heard before! I did not think anything could be better than the original version but Free Spirits made me a believer in bands! I loved photographing you guys and I loved hearing you. I want to do a wedding soon together!"

- Jamie Weaver, Administrator

 Savannah Wedding Vendor/ Dream Weaver Photos 

Savannah, GA

"Our organization hired FreeSpirits to play at our annual convention in Savannah. The event was held in Madison Square. The setting was magical and FreeSpirits amplified the ambiance with their magical performance! As the event coordinator, I have never received more compliments on a bands performance, sound and song list! We will definitely be using them in future events! What a truly amazing evening!"

-Lisa Kelly, Events Coordinator

Georgia Airports Association, Savannah GA


"FreeSpirits played our wedding ceremony! It was incredible!! Everyone loved it and was talking how great y’all were! Our favorite part was “Tale As Old As Time”.... thanks for learning that for us! We definitely recommend FreeSpirits for any wedding!!

-David & Megan Cooke

Rincon, GA

"We love FreeSpirits at Jazz’d! The perfect fit to a classy night out on the town! A great café vibe during the dinner hours and then picking up the pace with rocking, international type tunes….It’s like a show in Las Vegas!"

-Brian Curry, Owner/Manager

Jazz’d Tapas, Savannah, GA

"You need to be on a much bigger stage!!! I mean like in New York City or Las Vegas or something! You guys are amazing!! I hope we have you booked a lot more!!!!!”

-Diana Keck, Owner

Basil’s Cafe, Wilmington Island, GA

“We get calls constantly…When are FreeSpirits coming back? Our customers love them! We cater to tourist and residents of Hilton Head and the vicinity and they are just great. My favorite is the Led Zeppelin medley…Never thought I hear it on violins! We love when they play”

-Randy Bellflower, General Manager 

Fat Patties Café, Bluffton/Beaufort SC

''FreeSpirits recently played an Event we hosted here at The Ginger Bread House. They were Amazing! The group was so energetic and a lot of fun, so good to listen to! I highly recommend FreeSpirits! They are perfect for weddings, corporate functions, any kind of special event! We look forward to working with them again In the near future.''

  -Sarah Wright, General Manager 

  The Ginger Bread House ''Wedding & Special Events Venue'', Savannah, GA.

''Dazzling, Delightfull, and Wickedly Beautifull! FreeSpiritsTrio's performance at the United Way Beacon Reception was a kind of show one will never forget. Their music is fantastic, and the overall performance quality is powerful and tuneful. You certainly need to see them in person!  you will receive priceless experience. So good we booked them for three more Events this year!''

  -LIsa Clark, Vice President of Marketing

United way of the Coastal Empire, Savannah, GA.

''Thank you so much for performing at Casmir's in the Mansion. This is the first time we had a band like yours. You guys were incredible, you were full of energy all evening. Guest loved it so much. We will have you back soon!''

  -Zakaria Tahir, Food & Beverage Manager

The Mansion, Savannah, GA. 



"I saw Free Spirits Orchestra while on a layover at Savannah Hilton Head International Airport. It was one of the nicest surprises I have ever experienced! Their talent and ability to pull the audience into their performance was amazing! I booked them immediately to headline the Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida mega fundraiser held at Jacksonville Zoo, in Jacksonville, Florida. They were the hit of the show, as expected! I highly recommend FSO to anyone! What a magnificent concert and performance!!!! Jacksonville is still talking about it!!!!"

-Barbara Y. Tidwell  President / Founder

Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast


The Free Spirits Orchestra are fantastic! We were looking for a music group with a unique style and sound for our afternoon wedding reception.We listened to several demos from groups and instantly loved  the sound of The Free Spirits Orchestra.  They are an extremely talented trio and the variety of genre was amazing. I can't  say enough about this group - they exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, energy and showmanship.  My guests had an fabulous time and they are still talking about the music... 
Thank you so much Butch, Aiman and Sholpan! 


        Ruthie & Jeff Lynah


“Free Spirit Orchestra made our annual Christmas party one we’ll never forget. 40 year + veteran employees said they were the best entertainment yet! Great choice for groups with wide age and interest spans. It was such a gift to find truly entertaining entertainment! Can’t wait to have them back.”

-Piper McAfee Marketing Director
Bank of Dudley Dublin, Georgia

"We highly recommend booking FSO! My restaurant schedules them regularly due to rave reviews! Watching their videos do not due them justice! Live...they will have your jaw dropping! Such Talent!"

 - Dave Goodell Owner / General Manager Fia Rua

 Irish Pub,  Richmond Hill, Ga


  "We had Free Spirits Orchestra for our 2018 Isle of Hope Art & Music Festival. They were one of the best choices we have ever booked. Their upbeat delivery, instrument mastery and catchy tunes intrigued all of our visitors, stopped them in their tracks and made them ask for more about and from this wonderful trio. We look forward to future bookings of Free Spirits Orchestra."

                     - Brigitte VanBaelen, Director IOH  Art & Music Festival  Isle of Hope Historical Association Isle of Hope, Georgia


"We hired Free Spirit Orchestra for a corporate party in Dublin, Georgia, and they were spectacular. The crowd loved them and I highly recommend them for any party or event. "

-Lindsay BlackDirector of Marketing
Fairview Park Hospital, Dublin, Ga


"Free Spirits Orchestra takes musical entertainment to a different level!  Their style, range of music from a variety of genres, and performance are truly one of a kind.  We can’t wait to have them back at Sapelo Crow on Saint Simons Island." 

-Sandra Todaro, Event Coordinator,Sapelo Crow 

Comments, Messages, and Emails from Fans:

Hi Y’all, I saw and heard you for the first time on Saturday, Oct. 27 at Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport. As my husband and I approached the atrium, you were playing Kashmir. It was the most fantastic cover I have ever heard! It definitely needs to be on your song list! Thank You for sharing your beautiful music! It was the best part of my day and my trip to Savannah/Hilton Head!!!

             Lisa Hales


I saw a performance of Free Spirits Orchestra at Savannah Airport. I truly enjoyed your performance and take of the song Creep. It moved me so much, I was to chocked up to talk to my niece getting off of her flight. I was really moved.


        Steve Hooker   


I saw you perform at The Grove. I enjoyed your show! Very talented Group! Very passionate in your playing!

        Brandon Koupal


I heard you today at Savannah Airport.You Are Amazing!!! I will be back in Savannah soon....where can I see you perform again? I Love Your Sound!!!

    Rita Sutton


Hello! I was at your show last night at Jazz'd Tapas! It was a Wonderful Show!!! Can you teach my son to play violin that way???


                 Kimberly White Coryell


Hey, I'm the one who dropped the knife at Jazz'd....Thank You for a Great Night! You guys are Amazing!!!

              Gricelda Meza


You guys are absolutely amazing! I could sit for hours and hours and listen to you play! Thank You!


               Tina Sportschuetz

These guys did not disappoint!!! The 4 hour last minute drive to Fat Patties just to see ya'll was so worth it! The show was EXCEPTIONAL! I think we are official "Groupies" now. Great show Ya'll! We'll see you again soon!!!

                 Kendra Smith

You guys are Terrific!!!!

               Sherry Logan


Amazing musicians! I loved the classic rock covers and eclectic and creative interpretations.

So Savannah. :)


               Kevin Mack

Just caught part of your show in the airport. AMAZING! Loved the Zepplin mix!


              Stacy Shoemaker

I saw FSO on Saturday 11/17 at Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport. They are fantastic!!

Made wait for my flight so enjoyable!


             Sharon Cotoneo

Amazing show at Ember! Looking for forward to your next time in town!

             Billy Knox 


You guys are amazingly entertaining. Thank you for what you do.

             Brandon / Amber Steltz

I sit and listened to them hours as I waited to fly home.


             Cheryl Fenner Zilinyi

Amazing Sound!

               Rhonda Oliver Jones

My sister and I so enjoyed your performance a few Saturdays ago....

              Karen Tredje Anderson

Really nice work man, you guys are awesome, I've been following!

             Frankie Lambough


              Jimmy Paxon

Incredible job tonite!

             Stephen Brown

We enjoyed your music tonite at Bank of Dudley holiday party! Such Talent! Thank you!

              Jane Frederick

Ya'll killed it! Come back soon!!

                Paul Gearhar